Emma’s professionalism and knowledge has ment the world to our family. I was angry and at my wits end not understanding how best to help my daughter with school truancy and self harm. I was so frightened she would commit suicide. Emma helped us see the functions of her deliberate self-harm and how best to respond and keep her safe and we’ve all grown thanks to Emma’s non judgemental attitude (when I was feeling very judged by others) and way of explaining family relationships. I’d recommend her without reservation.

David B, 54 Holywood, Co. Down.

Hello I am a service user; I have had mental health problems as far back as I can remember. I could never understand what was happening to me with my thoughts and things that I was doing.

When I did start to get help over 20 years ago things improved a little but I found it hard to open up and trust the people, I was also getting more frustrated. Then I got a consultation with Dr Emma McColloch it was the first bond that I could make with anyone we worked together for over 2 years and she never let me down once she was always there to pick me up when I fell.

Dr McColloch made me understand that this is not my fault the way that I am. It took a little while to relax in her company due to my trust issues with people, but I was then able to open up and tell her things that I was never able to tell anyone before. We now could learn together how to deal with these issues.

I never had any confidence in my self and now I’m able to do the things I never could do before, I have even got myself a hobby of Photography, I’m doing photo exhibits and wining competitions and able to attend these which I would not have been able to do with out the help and the time that Dr McColloch spent with me.

Shirley Ballymena

I first met Dr Emma when I had post natal depression after my first child. I never had a psychologist before or any kind of therapy so I was apprehensive about having to open up to someone. It’s also so difficult to be honest about, and put into words what’s going on in your head when you are feeling depressed. When I met Dr Emma I was so relieved. I immediately felt at ease. She was so easy to talk to and I felt she genuinely cared about me. Within half an hour of meeting me I knew she ‘got me’ and the therapy she suggested for my situation made sense. For the first time in months I had hope that I could get better. I have no doubt in my mind that meeting Dr Emma changed my life. The things she helped me realise about myself and the techniques she taught me are still making a positive difference to my life to this day.

Emma Bryson, 34, Maghera