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Hello, I’m Dr Emma McCullough

I am a Clinical Psychologist in Northern Ireland in private practice offering clinical psychology assessment, psychometric assessment, therapeutic interventions and training to private and corporate clients. I work with Health Trusts, the legal profession and with private Medical Insurance Companies.  I provide psychological therapy across greater Belfast, Carrickfergus and counties Antrim and Down primarily.

A little bit more about me...

Starting the process of therapy can be daunting and I hope that information here and links will assist you in making the choice most suited to your current circumstances and needs. I have been working as a psychologist since 2003 and have worked mainly with adults and families coping with mental health difficulties. Over the last number of years, there has been an increase in people’s awareness of mental health issues and several high profile public figures have shared their own challenges. The media has helped increase the public’s awareness of how common these challenges are, challenge stigma and alert that there are effective treatments to help. For some people, seeking professional support will be the right choice, others may be able to get what they need via self-help resources. I hope this site helps you in making that choice for your recovery and future.

What others say about me...

“For the first time in months I had hope that I could get better… Within half an hour of meeting me I knew she ‘got me’ and the therapy she suggested for my situation made sense.”
Emma Bryson, Maghera